Checklist FAQs

I live near your office and will be bringing my tax documents in to drop off. Do I need to retain copies?

We’ve been preparing taxes since 1990 and never have misplaced or lost a client’s documents.

I will be dropping off my information at your office. Does 1040Plus retain copies of my tax documents?

Yes, when we prepare your return we’re required to keep copies of the completed return (in either paper or electronic format) for a minimum of three years. Because we e-file your Fed and State returns, we keep your Fed & State copies of your W-2s and 1099-Rs while attaching the client copies of those to your copy of the return.

We will only retain copies of your other informational documents (such as mortgage or brokerage statements) if there’s information there that we believe should be retained in the event of an audit, but generally we advise the taxpayer to retain those documents themselves for at least three if not seven years depending on their tax situation.

What's the best way to get my tax information to you if I'm not local?

More often clients are submitting PDFs of their documents electronically to our secure server either via

The advantage of these methods is that the client can retain their original documents, while those who send us their documents by FedEx/UPS/US Mail generally send the originals. We’ve never had an incident of lost documents using the old standards, but there have been delays using regular US Mail.

I'd like to try the FormCloud version of your Checklist. Will it allow me to save my data and return at a later time to finish up and submit?

Although the app is capable of that feature, we decided, for security reasons, to disable it. Imagine walking away from your PC and someone else launches your browser and returns to your FormCloud Checklist.

So if you are going to load the FormCloud version of our Checklist be prepared to complete it, attach your documents, and submit them all in the same session.